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Solvent Dyes Manufacturers in India

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Solvent Dyes in India. We manufacture Solvent Dyes For Soaps, Inks, Plastics, Wax, Candles, and also used in Petroleum Coloring.

A solvent dye can be termed as a dye soluble in solvents that are organic in nature. These are used as a solution in an organic solvent. Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, fuels of a hydrocarbon nature, waxes, lubricants, plastics, and other nonpolar materials that have a hydrocarbon base. One use of solvent dyes is fuel dyes. They cannot dissolve in water and form a colloidal solution in solvents. Additionally, they have poor (basic dyes) to good (metal complex based) light fastness. These dyes are ideal to be used in gold imitation (and other transparent metallic effects) of polyester films that are metalized. They can also be used in marking inks, inks in inkjet printers, glass coloration, etc.

The solvent dyes are an extremely versatile finishing tool. All colors are transparent except white. These dyes are commonly used to apply color to a difficult material such as glass, resin, etc, change the existing color of a finish or it can even be used to repair a damaged finish. In addition, these dyes can be added to materials like lacquer, wax, epoxy, oils, resin, which are otherwise difficult to color.


  Solvent Yellow 2
  Solvent Yellow 14
  Solvent Yellow 33
  Solvent Yellow 56
  Solvent Yellow 62
  Solvent Yellow 72
  Solvent Yellow 82
  Solvent Yellow 90
  Solvent Red 8
  Solvent Red 23
  Solvent Red 24
  Solvent Red 89
  Solvent Red 119
  Solvent Red 122
  Solvent Red 127
  Solvent Red 132
  Solvent Red 207
  Solvent Orange 2
  Solvent Orange 7
  Solvent Orange 54
  Solvent Orange 58
  Solvent Orange 62
  Solvent Orange 99
  Solvent Blue 4
  Solvent Blue 35
  Solvent Blue 36
  Solvent Blue 38
  Solvent Blue 48
  Solvent Black 5
  Solvent Black 7
  Solvent Black 27
  Solvent Black 29
  Solvent Black 34
  Solvent Green 3
  Solvent Green 7

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